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Tracey Mallett

As a certified Pilates Master Instructor, Tracey's award winning 3 in 1 Patented Pregnancy System DVD has the fitness industry buzzing about the benefits of Pilates, Yoga and Sculpting even during pregnancy!

Fitness Videos Fit For YOUR Schedule

Not everyone can get to the gym everyday, but that doesn't mean you can't exercise! Tracey's fitness video and DVD selections are designed for the busy person on the run.

- Simple, yet effective routines
- Can be done at home
- Can be done on the road if traveling
- No equipment to bother with

5 Reasons to Form the Morning Workout Habit

5 Reasons to Form the Morning Workout Habit

It’s greatly debated what is the best time to do a workout. Different people recommend different things and some just say that you should do the workout when you get the time. Well there is one chunk of the day where you can always make the time: the morning! That’s because you can always wake a little earlier than when you usually do to do the workout. In light of the morning workout philosophy, here are five great reasons to form the morning workout habit: [...]